Adding your logo to reports

Silktide Prospect allows all users to upload their own logo, which will appear on any report when it is shared with a client. Whilst similar, this is not the same as being able to white-label Silktide Prospect, as this is a feature exclusively available to our Enterprise customers.

To add your own logo to Silktide Prospect reports, simply do the following:

  1. Go into the account settings dashboard by selecting it from the menu that appears when selecting your profile icon
  2. Under the look & feel tab, select the branding section from the menu on the left
  3. Select the choose file button next to the logo section
  4. Once uploaded, your logo should appear in the preview box
  5. Click save changes to apply the logo to your account.

Please note that the logo cannot be larger than 2MB.


Where will the logo appear?

Once you have uploaded your own logo, it will appear on the report cover page when you share a report with a client:

Silktide Prospect PDF report with logo

Silktide Prospect PDF report with logo

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